UCLA Report: Number of Applications Submitted by Incoming Freshmen Skyrockets

UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute is out this week with its annual survey on the attitudes and beliefs of U.S. college freshmen. The American Freshman Survey—which will mark its 50th anniversary next year—is a poll of more than 150,000 incoming freshmen at 227 four-year colleges and universities nationwide.

Closing the #InnovationDeficit

President Obama is scheduled to release his budget for FY 2016 on Feb. 2 and reportedly will request an end to sequestration, the across-the-board automatic spending cuts first imposed in 2013.

Shifts in State-Level Completion Rates for Non-First-Time Students

The latest findings from the nation’s first effort to benchmark the persistence patterns of non-first-time (NFT) college students indicate that NFT students are more likely to complete an associate degree and less likely to drop out if they combine full-time and part-time enrollment.

50 States, 50 Immigration Policies

As Congress works to block the president’s executive action on immigration reform, a quick look at the confusion caused by state immigration policies from a recent Center for American Progress report.

Higher Education=Jobs

As President Obama visits Tennessee to talk about his plan for two years of free community college, The Wall Street Journal has published 10 charts explaining the December jobs report from the Labor Department.