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Mapping Students From Around the Globe

This is the second week in a row we’ve shared information on international students for a Fact in Brief, but today’s release from The Brookings Institution is a must read. The Geography of Foreign Students in U.S. Higher Education: Origins and Destinations examines various data points–city of origin, school, major–on students that have applied for F-1 visas. The report … Continue reading

From Our Members / Short Takes

Northern Arizona University Helping Students Earn Degrees Through CBE

Northern Arizona University (NAU) is offering a competency based education program as part of its effort to make college more affordable, accessible and help students earn degrees sooner. NAU’s Personalized Learning Division self-paced, online bachelor’s degree program allows students to complete as many courses as they like in a six-month subscription. How long it takes … Continue reading

Facts in Brief

Keeping International Students Happy

With the number of international students coming to the United States generally on the rise, what can institutions do to keep them engaged and happy on campus? That was the subject of a report this week from, which found that international students across the world are largely satisfied but cautioned: “without careful planning, ‘internationalization’ can backfire, undermining the academic … Continue reading

Facts in Brief

Truth in Reporting on Student Debt

An interesting and pithy read from public policy consulting firm Hamilton Place Strategies this week looks at the difference in the extreme levels of student debt commonly reported by the media and the real-life average. As Media Coverage of Student Debt shows, from time to time, reporters exaggerate a bit: (Also thanks to Libby Nelson & Vox for bringing this … Continue reading