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Committee on Coherence at Scale for Higher Education

Our colleagues at the Council on Library and Information Services and Vanderbilt University (TN) are looking at how the higher education community can manage the transition from analog to digital technology in a way that stresses access, collaboration and inclusion. They have created a new group called the Committee on Coherence at Scale for Higher … Continue reading

Facts in Brief

The State of Global Education

Want to compare early childhood programs in New Zealand and Austria? See whether college grads in the United States or Finland volunteer more? Find out which countries spend the most on education? The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released a report this week that has you covered: Education at a Glance: 2014. In addition to the full … Continue reading

Facts in Brief

Where Are the Education Deserts?

At this week’s Capitol Hill forum on federal policy and minority-serving institutions and students, one thought-provoking paper took a look at the concept of “education deserts:” areas of the country where people have geographical access to only one public college. Nicolas Hillman, assistant professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin, wrote the paper … Continue reading


Video: Higher Education Accountability Proposals and Minority-Serving Institutions, Students

If you weren’t able to make it to Capitol Hill yesterday for the Civil Rights Project event on higher education accountability proposals and minority-serving institutions and students—co-sponsored by the ACE Center for Policy Research and Strategy—you can now watch a recorded version on C-SPAN. At the forum, Lorelle Espinosa, ACE assistant vice president for policy research and strategy, … Continue reading

Facts in Brief

Mapping Students From Around the Globe

This is the second week in a row we’ve shared information on international students for a Fact in Brief, but today’s release from The Brookings Institution is a must read. The Geography of Foreign Students in U.S. Higher Education: Origins and Destinations examines various data points–city of origin, school, major–on students that have applied for F-1 visas. The report … Continue reading

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Northern Arizona University Helping Students Earn Degrees Through CBE

Northern Arizona University (NAU) is offering a competency based education program as part of its effort to make college more affordable, accessible and help students earn degrees sooner. NAU’s Personalized Learning Division self-paced, online bachelor’s degree program allows students to complete as many courses as they like in a six-month subscription. How long it takes … Continue reading

Facts in Brief

Keeping International Students Happy

With the number of international students coming to the United States generally on the rise, what can institutions do to keep them engaged and happy on campus? That was the subject of a report this week from, which found that international students across the world are largely satisfied but cautioned: “without careful planning, ‘internationalization’ can backfire, undermining the academic … Continue reading