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Friday Fact in Brief: Who Works in College and Why?

This week saw the release of 15 Lumina Foundation-funded reports on paying for college. Among the papers was a data-rich Institute for Women’s Policy Research piece on the challenges low-income adults face in affording a higher education. College Affordability for Low-Income Adults also looks into the experiences of students with dependent children and students of color. … Continue reading

Short Takes

Virginia Supreme Court Rules on U.Va. FOIA Case

The Supreme Court of Virginia today ruled in favor of the University of Virginia ​(U.Va.) in its attempt to protect researchers and their work from unwarranted access through the commonwealth’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)​. The unanimous decision in the case American Tradition Institute v. the University of Virginia is the latest development in the university’s effort to protect … Continue reading

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VIDEO: A Senior Leader’s Perspective on Internationalization and Diversity

Preparing students to work in an intercultural environment is critical for higher education institutions, says Russ Newman, provost and vice president of academic affairs of Alliant International University (CA). His video interview is part of ACE’s At Home in the World Toolkit, which explores the intersection of diversity and international initiatives on campus through research … Continue reading

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ED Announces Delays in Changes to NSLDS Enrollment Reporting

The Department of Education (ED) has announced a 3-month delay in the changes to reporting requirements of enrollment information to the National Student Loan Data System. These changes include reporting of additional data, reporting at the academic program level, and more frequent reporting. Although colleges and universities must report student information dating from July 1, 2014, the … Continue reading

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Higher Education Leaders Analyze the Big Picture

Our friends at the Carnegie Corporation co-host an annual summit on higher education, most recently focusing on the American university as a “driver of research and education for the nation, as well as threats to the university’s continued excellence, and ideas for innovation and reinvention to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.” … Continue reading